The Cosmic Picture at Michaelmas 2020 - How It Can Inform Us About the Powers That Wait on Our Noble Deeds

Presented By: Mary Stewart Adams
When we live together with the natural processes of the year's course, then in the Autumn season our attention is rightly drawn to the dramatic images Rudolf Steiner brought forth of the Archangel Michael's cosmic battle with the Dragon.  And just as one year differs from the next in mood, so, too, this encounter between Michael and the Dragon.  In this timely presentation, Mary Stewart Adams shares an imagination about the recurring cosmic picture that serves as the backdrop for Michael's triumph over the Dragon.  Included here are descriptions of the star picture of the divine feminine and the serpent, as well as how to enliven this picture through imaginative cognition.  Mary then places this recurring imagination within the context of the star picture specific to 2020, which includes the role of Harvest Moon of October 2020 in anticipating the Vernal Full Moon during the Holy Week of 2021; the central role of the Earth in the cosmic Mystery of Golgotha; and the signature of the once-every-20-years Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter.  Having established a foundation for experiencing these pictures and celestial gestures in time and space, Mary then presents a festivals imagination on the Foundation Stone, both as a geometric and a rhythmic form, that can be used to support our preparation for the 100th anniversary of the Christmas Conference.


Mary Stewart Adams is a Star Lore Historian, and host of the weekly public radio program and podcast "The Storyteller’s Night Sky".  As a member of the School for Spiritual Science and out of her education in literature, Mary has developed a unique approach to understanding what it is to be human in relationship with the stars.  Combining her extensive knowledge of ancient mythologies with the research and ideas of contemporary astronomy, she offers unique contributions to the new star wisdom of astrosophy.  Mary has traveled extensively in fulfillment of her mission to safeguard the human imagination by protecting our access to the night sky and its stories, and has received numerous honors for her work advocating for dark skies.  As a global advocate for starry skies, Mary led the team that established the 9th International Dark Sky Park in the world in 2011, which later led to the State of Michigan protecting 35,000 acres of state land for its natural darkness.  Mary is the mother of four, with two grandchildren, and she makes her home along the northern shores of Lake Michigan.

You can follow Mary through her website, on her Facebook page "The Storyteller’s Night Sky," on Twitter @starsnstories, and on Instagram @starmares. 


Video length = 55 minutes.

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